Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is an opportunity for residents of Oving Parish to come and talk to each other and the Parish Council. It is the ideal forum to discuss your local environment and let the Parish Council know which issues matter the most. Please come along to support the community, to meet your newly elected Parish Councillors and to discuss the year ahead.


  1.  Welcome
  2.  Annual Parish Report – Sjoerd Schuyleman, OPC Chairman –         A summary of the council year; highlights and challenges ahead.
  3.  Questions
  4.  2015/16 The council year in prospect
  5.  Open discussion and feedback from residents
  6.  Summary of agreed actions for the future
  7.  Close meeting

The Annual Oving Parish Council Meeting will open ten minutes after the close of the Annual Parish Meeting.

Note: Copies of the Annual Parish Report will be available at the meeting or can be viewed here