Oving Youth Club

I’m sad to say that Oving Youth Club is at risk of closure.  The next few months are critical in determining its future.

The club is managed as a small charity and has a small committee that oversees the administration and financial affairs of the club. Two members of the committee, the chairman and treasurer, have indicated, that after 10 years service, they will be standing down early next year.  If these positions are not filled soon, then the club will have no management support and will have to close.

In recent weeks we have also seen a down-turn in the number of young people attending Wednesday sessions.  We have experienced low numbers in the past, but generally these have recovered quite quickly. If we do not see a similar pattern in the next month or so, then the viability of the club must also be questioned.  Our target attendance is between 10 and 20 a session.

The club is a valuable resource for the Oving community and provides the only facility for young people in the village.  It is financially sound with excellent support from the Parish Council and the Woodhorn Group.  We have two very capable, professional youth leaders who keep members entertained, provide them with support and help stimulate their minds.

The club also boasts a wealth of equipment for the young people to use, including, a laptop computer, table tennis, an X-box games console, an electronic drum kit, table football, badminton, indoor football and cooking facilities.

If we are to save the club, please think about giving some of your time to help by joining the management committee.  We meet for about a couple of hours, 4 times a year, so not too onerous.  Also, try and encourage more of Oving’s young people to come along.  Get them to pop in any Wednesday to see what on offer.  If there is something that they would like to do, which is not on offer, let the leaders know and I’m sure they will do their best to accommodate.

We will need to make our decision on the future of the club by 17th February.

Roger England
Chairman, Oving Youth Club (01243 7788016)

The Youth Club meets every Wednesday between 6.30 pm and 8.30pm and is open to all young people from the Oving community aged between 9 and 16.