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The community garden project began in response to the parish plan questionnaire which gave every resident an opportunity for their say on what was important to them.

More information on the Oving Community Garden will go here as we have it.

Update on Progress – May 2021

With a poor start to the year in terms of weather, we’ve still been able to get growing!  Lots of hard work and fun has been had filling the new beds and planting them out.

Schedule of dates for the rest of the year are as follows:

Saturday 5th June
Saturday 3rd July
Saturday 7th August
Saturday 4th September
Saturday 2nd October
Saturday 6th November
Saturday 4th December

Or the first Saturday of every month as a minimum, unless it’s raining!  We’ll meet at 9:30 am and refreshments should be available.

For up to date information please check out the Oving Community Garden Facebook page

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Oving Gets Growing!

Update on Progress – January 2021

Oving Community Garden shelter

Oving Community Garden shelter

We now have the shelter up, and its looking good!  The next project is to install guttering and pipework to collect rainwater, ready for next summer.

Work begins again – Dependent on current Coronavirus restrictions:

Saturday 6th February from 9am and then the 1st Saturday of every Month.

No Experience necessary

Come along and give us a hand. Bring wellies and gloves. We have plenty of tools and plenty to do for kids and adults. None of us are experts and we could do with a hand!!

Keep an eye on the noticeboard on the new shelter and our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Oving-Community-Garden-106235977674735

Update on Progress – June 2020

Hi everyone, just an update on where we are with Oving Community Garden.

Due to the current situation, progress has been slow, but now I believe we should use this year for planning and setting up, with hopefully a bit of planting, giving us a really good start for growing in 2021!

The garden is already looking great! The fence is up, the hedges are growing really well and we now have water on site. I have been mowing the grass and keeping it tidy.

Early Morning Community Garden picture

At the last meeting we discussed a design and this is a plan of what we are working towards:

Proposed plan for Oving Community Garden - June 2020

For the PDF document which may be clearer, click here.

The design gives 14 beds, 4m x 2m, which will be made available to all. Oving Youth Club, are interested and will have a bed. My wife, is offering to teach the younger children one morning a month, and they can also have one. Other beds can go to individuals or partnerships, families or as small allotment type plots. Or we can have different beds for vegetables, herbs or flowers??? We may reduce the number and include a poly tunnel, or glass house?? I am working on the beds next and will organise a digger to scrape back the turf, we can then set up the beds and get some top soil on site, which we can barrow into each bed. I have bought some second-hand scaffold boards for the edges.

The garden will have an orchard, a seating area with fire pit or bbq, a compost area and water storage.

I am getting prices for a large shed, for shelter and storage and also a noticeboard, to advertise whats coming up and our plans. Once the shed is up, we can set up the water butts and compost bins which have been donated.

If anyone has some spare time, there are a few jobs we can be getting on with.

  1. The hedge is doing really well, but it needs a bit of weeding, the longer grass needs cutting back and some of the tree guards need re wrapping.
  2. There is a water pipe between the hedge and the new tap. A trench needs digging to put the pipe underground. I will get a yellow warning tape to put on top before its buried.
  3. It would be good to clear the main path through the garden. Currently the first bit is good, but the grass is growing over it further up.
  4. I have lots of scaffold boards which need treating to preserve them before we set them up. I can get the preservative and brushes.

If you can help, get back to me and we can make a safe plan.

Many thanks, Duncan


So far we’ve completed the following:

  • The space has been allocated in Oving Recreation Ground
  • The fence has gone in
  • The 350 hedging plants have gone in, complete with rabbit guards and stakes
  • Water has been supplied to the plot
  • New sign put up on the gate.

If you’d like to get involved with the project, and we’d love it if you did, please either email or follow our new Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Oving-Community-Garden-106235977674735/