The Oving Parish Council officially approved an expanded Neighbourhood Watch scheme at its meeting on 12th January 2012. Coverage has now been extended to Colworth, Drayton, parts of Merston, Oving and Shopwyke.

Fortunately, the Parish has a relatively low rate of burglary and crime.  That will be of little comfort to those who have recently had their homes or businesses broken into and lost expensive or treasured possessions. There are many other thefts and damage that, for whatever personal reasons, were never reported to the police, or the losses claimed from the insurance companies. Could we have prevented these crimes or provided the information the police need to apprehend the culprits? They may have got away with it until now but as a result they could be back. Would you like your home to be next or should we do something to try to prevent that happening?

So how is it organised and what is involved? I am now the Area Coordinator for the Parish and so far, have signed up 16 other volunteers to become your Street Coordinators. The role of the Street Coordinator is not difficult or time consuming as each one is responsible for about 20 houses in their immediate neighbourhood. Each needs to get to know their neighbours and encourage everyone to be vigilant and look out for themselves and others. The Street Coordinator will also distribute a weekly Police Crime Bulletin by email to those that want to receive it. The aim is for everybody in the parish to become the“eyes and ears” to report anything that they think is unusual or suspicious. Write down the time, date, description and if possible the vehicle registration number. This may be the piece of the jigsaw of evidence that the police need to trace and arrest the offender; they have often done it many times before but got away with it through lack of evidence.

Do you know what you should do or who to contact? There are now several ways you can report any information by phone, online or by email:

Crime in Progress, Accident or Emergency 

– dial 999 (free)

Suspicious Behaviour or Criminal Information

– dial 101  ( costs 15p)


– dial 0800 555111 (free & anonymous)

Suspicious Criminal Activities

Richard Moorey (Police Community Support Officer)
07917720659  (During normal working hours)

Community Support Officer

– dial 101 ext 22325

Police Website


Police Email

(they will send a reference number in their reply message)

The Data Protection Act prevents me from publicising the personal details on the internet of the Street Coordinators who have signed up so far. If you are in their area, they should have visited you and you will have met them. There are some areas, mainly in Oving village, where we need more volunteers to step forward to provide coverage.


  • High Street & Briar Close  (2)
  • Church Lane – lower end (1)
  • St Andrews Close (1)
  • Highfield Lane (3)
  • Shopwyke Road (1)
  • Westbourne House School (1)

If you would like more information about the scheme or are interested in becoming a Street Coordinator, then please phone me or send an email. I’m happy to come and visit you to explain what is involved and you can do as much or as little as you want.


Sjoerd Schuyleman

Area Coordinator

01243 780733

Revised December 2012