baptism_baby_shoesDid you know that Baptism and Christening is the same thing?

Have you just had a baby? If so, congratulations! Thinking about getting them christened?

Maybe you children are a little older and you feel that now is the right time?

Maybe you think it is time for a change in your own life?

Perhaps you are worried because you have not been to church for a long time, maybe you have never been a regular churchgoer, would it still be allowed?

If you live in the Parish of Oving then you are entitled to have yourself or your baby baptised in the church.

When can I have it? How much does it cost? What about Godparents?

There are lots of questions relating to this big decision, so for all the information you need, please download the Oving Baptism Application Form, and get in touch with the Churchwarden at