Tea Party schedule for 2023 has been published with dates as follows:

Date Event Time
January 19th LUNCH*   1pm-3pm
February 16th LUNCH*   1pm-3pm
March 16th   LUNCH*   1pm-3pm
April 20th TEA PARTY** 2.30pm-4pm
May 18th TEA PARTY** 2.30pm-4pm
June 22nd TEA PARTY** 2.30pm-4pm
July 20th TEA PARTY** 2.30pm-4pm
August 17th OUTING To be confirmed
September 21st TEA PARTY** 2.30pm-4pm
October 19th TEA PARTY** 2.30pm-4pm
November 16th TEA PARTY** 2.30pm-4pm
December 14th   CHRISTMAS LUNCH To be confirmed

For further details please see the PDF document 2023 Tea Party Dates .

* Lunch will include a soup, roll, savouries, tea/coffee and cake

** Tea party will include a choice of sandwiches, cakes, and tea/coffee.  Additional items inccluding savouries, fruit and meingues may be added.

Oving Parish Community Watch volunteers are currently supporting residents with help shopping and are working closely with other organisations within the parish to provide help and assistance when needed.

To find out more about getting involved, please see this PDF document.

Some of the OPCW team:

Oving Parish Community Watch ( OPCW) is a programme that operates throughout the parish of Oving. It is run entirely by volunteers who offer a range of services to the local community.

These can include:

  • Transport to and from local medial appointments when public transport is either not available or difficult.
  • Collection of shopping if you are unable to go out because of illness or bad weather
  • Guidance as to where to apply for specific help relating to housing or completing other forms
  • Help with gardening on a one-off basis

Tea Parties

OPCW also provides a monthly FREE tea party open to everyone who lives in the Parish or has a former relationship with it.  From January to March the tea parties include soup, rolls and tea and cakes and then from March until December an afternoon tea with sandwiches, savouries and tea and cake are available.  An opportunity to chat with other people from the village and make new friends.  Special events are also organised during the year including an outing and a Christmas lunch.

Details of the dates and times are available on the noticeboard located in the Village.  These events are completely free, run by volunteers and are a great way to bring our community together.



Please contact the Oving Community Support Worker (details below) if you have any questions or if would like to help and have any particular experience that might be useful.

Oving Community Support Worker

Mobile: 07508 059955

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