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What is a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood plan is like the District Local Plan but covering a designated neighbourhood area such as a parish. It has planning policies covering housing and employment which are used to assess applications for development.

Why does Oving need one?

Large new sites in the parish have been developed in the last few years of which Shopwhyke Lakes is one example and others are planned.  A neighbourhood plan would give the parish some say both in the allocation of sites and in the design of new developments.  It would more broadly help to shape the future of the parish.

Will residents be consulted on the plan before it is adopted?

There will be several opportunities to consult residents. In the next two months we will be sharing our ideas of a vision for the parish and our objectives for the plan. Later when we have completed the main work of preparation, you will be asked to comment on the first draft. When the final version has been reviewed by the inspector it will be  put to a referendum of the entire community.  There will at other times be meetings/ consultations  with groups including employers and developers.

What stage are you at with the plan?

The District Council has designated the neighbourhood area for the plan as following the parish boundary.  We will keep you posted on developments.  You can follow the deliberations of the steering group which are published on this site.

2021 March – Oving and District News Neighbourhood Plan Supplement viewable here.

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DRAFT Vision and Objectives

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