Update on closure of Oving Traffic Lights

Following the notice posted by Highways England in the Chichester Observer on 25/2/2021[I can’t find a link on their website, unfortunately], WSCC were approached and provided the following response:

“There are no plans for the works to start in the next couple of weeks. The plan is for the Shopwyke junction realignment to be done first to allow traffic to be diverted through the new spine roads and then follow straight after with the Oving junction works. However there is a another development site (Redrow Homes) on the other side of Shopwyke Road and they need road space to run a foul rise main up Shopwyke Road straight through the realigned junction. So it has been agreed that they will get road space first and then the Shopwyke junction will be undertaken and then the Oving junction works. At this point I would say that it is likely that the Oving Junction will not be able to be closed until the end of June at the earliest.

Therefore the Oving junction works are still some months away and Cala need to produce a comms plan in advance of starting. I have had confirmation from HE that the Traffic Order for the banned movements has been made. HE still need to get a S278 in place with Cala and a S4 Agreement with us for the Oving junction works.

With respect to the transition and safety concerns Cala have stated that they are working on some traffic management ideas and will communicate those shortly. They are hoping to utilise the website previously used to update everyone.”

The above is in relation to the original Order posted on 20/08/2020: