UPDATED Consultation Proposal for Speed and Weight Reductions in Oving Parish


A huge thank you to all that replied to the previous Consultation.  Your comments were also welcomed. Due to the comments and questions raised we would like your feedback on another survey to finalise the consultation.

Link to new Survey Form

the form covers the following options:

Item 1: Colworth Lane and all of Church Lane, to be reduced to 30mph
Item 2: The High Street and Church Lane to be 20mph. This leads to the question of making the whole Village 20mph.
Item 3: To reduce the weight limit in the High Street lower than 7.5 tonnes
Item 4: To have a weight limit for Merston 7.5 tonnes or less
Item 5: To have VAS speed detectors along Longacres in Shopwyke Lakes

Closing date for the Consultation: 31st March 2022

Councillor Alan Smith