Oving Parish Council
Notice of a vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Oving Parish Council has one vacanch for those eligible to become Parish Councillor

The ‘Vacancy for a Councillor’ notice was published on all noticeboards dated 13th December 2019.  The Returning Officer did not receive written notice to request that the vacancy be filled by election, therefore the vacancy will be filled through the co-option process.

To be eligible candidates must satisfy the following requirements

[a] Be aged 18 years or over and included in the
Electoral Register

[b] A British subject or a Euronational

[c] Resides in the Parish or within 3 miles of its boundary


[d] Occupies land or property within the Parish


[e] Has his/her principal place of work within the Parish
Prospective candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the disqualification restrictions under Section 80 of the Local Government Act 1972 relating to Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders and Criminal Convictions carrying a sentence of more than 3 months imprisonment, without the option of a fine.

Please contact the clerk for further details:

Address – 4 Church Way, Pagham, PO21 4QN.

Name – Ruth Palmer