The Oving Parish Council has been working exhaustively with BT, BDUK, WSCC and other parties, to get Superfast Broadband into our community, and thanks to the excellent good cooperation from everyone,  OVING WILL NOW GET SUPERFAST FIBRE ENABLED BROADBAND DURING 2016. Initially it would be the village community (up to about 250 dwellings/users) who would mainly benefit from this, although areas further away from the village will also enjoy much improved internet speeds, and your Parish Council will continue with efforts to bring SFBB to the further reaches of our Parish in the future. Of course it’s always ‘subject to survey’, but we are confident that the current BDUK schedule to have it installed, commissioned and ready for our use by December this year is achievable, possibly earlier if the technical surveys are positive.


And the news gets better ! The fibre installation will not cost the community anything. The installation will be funded jointly by BT / BDUK / WSCC. Also, BT will continue to upgrade and maintain the installation in the future. The Oving Parish Council and Parish community wish to thank all parties for their assistance in this project.
Once up and running, users of internet services in the Oving Parish (home owners, businesses, etc…) will be able to choose if they wish to access this new superfast service, or remain on their existing contracts. If they elect to change over to the superfast broadband, they can negotiate directly with any ISP such as BT, Sky, Talk Talk, etc…  (there are about 500 to choose from…) to agree your own connection and data package.
We are also working with BT/BDUK/WSCC on a good solution for those areas further away from the Oving village surround, and will keep you posted.

Any queries or other related information, please email them to Andrew Wilkinson.