Grant Funds Available

Did you know that Oving Parish Council has access to funds to be used on behalf of the community?

Solar Farm Grants

Every year the Parish Council receives around £11,000 of annual community payments from solar farms in the area.  These funds are available for application to projects with an environmental or social benefit to the community of Oving parish.  Applications are invited from local organisations and will be considered by Oving Parish Council.

These Annual Community Payments come from Merston Renewable Energy CIC (Meadow Blue) and Merston Solar Park Limited (Low Carbon) in respect of development that could have an impact within the parish.  We are grateful to both companies for these funds.

Previous projects

Previously these funds have been used for projects such as the new play equipment in Oving recreation ground and the new Oving Community Garden.

How to apply for a contribution from the Solar Farms funds:

Please contact our clerk by email with a description of your project, how it meets the requirements and the sum you would like to apply for.  If possible, please provide three quotes with your proposal.  Even if we don’t have the full amount available, we may be able to contribute towards a part of your project.

New Homes Bonus

New Homes Bonus (NHB) is a source of local government funding that is paid in expectation that it rewards communities that have taken housing growth.

Originally planned for four years (2014/15 to 2017/18) the Scheme has been successful in meeting its aims and objectives and has subsequently been extended for a further four years (2018/19 – 2021/22).

It is estimated that we may be able to apply for in excess of £21,000 of funding during the current term 2020/2021.  Your application must reach us by 30th June 2020 to be considered for inclusion this year.  Funds are generally available around October/November of the same year.

What are the Aims and Objectives of funding Parish led projects through NHB?

  • To improve quality of life for the community, and stimulate cohesive and vibrant communities
  • To allocate monies and reward communities where significant development has occurred
  • To facilitate infrastructure where there are deficits within a community or area
  • To enhance local facilities available to new and existing residents
  • To encourage communities to identify their needs and work collaboratively to address them

Who can apply?

Applications can only be made by Parish Councils. Residents, local groups or organisations and local businesses who can identify local projects should raise them with their Parish Council.

Each Parish will need to apply to the District Council. Eligibility criteria, application forms and guidance notes will be annually updated and made available on this webpage.

IMPORTANT: Applications need to be submitted by the Parish Council by 5pm on Friday, 31 July 2020 for consideration by a special meeting of the Grants and Concessions Panel on 16 September 2020.

How to apply for New Homes Bonus funding

Please contact our clerk by email with a description of your project, how it meets the requirements and the sum you would like to apply for together with three quotes (if possible) in support of your idea.

Previous successful applications for Oving Parish:

2019-20 Oving New notice boards for Shopwyke Lakes and Highfield Lane  £        3,842.00
2019-20 Oving Jubilee Hall, main hall floor refurbishment  £        4,706.00
2019-20 Oving Jubilee Hall, replacement windows  £        4,145.00
2018-19 Oving Improvements to Jubilee Hall – new chairs  £        5,250.00
2014-15 Oving Vehicle activated sign  £        6,500.00

Other successful applications from other parish councils include: recreation equipment, public seating, Almshouse landscaping, community events equipment library, community websites, and allotments.

For further information please view the documents at the bottom of this page to see other successful applications.

For full details visit the New Homes Bonus page on the Chichester District Council website and view the Parish Allocations Policy.